Couples observed their golden wedding anniversary on “Colorful Leaves Festival” in Taiyanggou

The 30th of October is the last but best day of this year‘s Colorful Leaves Festival. 30 couples were invited to celebrate their golden wedding anniversary in Taiyanggou. Each couple walked romantically along the golden avenue carpeted by autumn leaves hand in hand and were taken photos in their happiest moods. Guo Xiaodi, deputy head of the district, sent her best wishes to them on the scene.

  The celebration was surrounded by sweetness and happiness. Husbands wore black bowler hats and flaming red scarfs. Wives wore bright red coats with flowers in one hand and the other hand was led by their husbands. Accompanied with lyric songs and visitors’ blessings, they walked along the charming golden avenue. This beautiful moment in Taiyanggou was captured by the camera and would be cherished by them forever.