Great activities on “Colorful Leaves Festival” in Taiyanggou

The 29th of October was the fifth day of this year’s “Colorful Leaves Festival”. In addition to the speciality products sales exhibition, two other activities of bicycle slowly-riding competition and performance given by 6 universities in Lushun were carried out as well.

In the bicycle slowly-riding competition, 50 people from government organs, enterprises and institutions in Lushunkou District as well as visitors were divided into 10 groups. In each group, the person who rode the bike in slowest speed won the present.

Under the organization of Lushunkou District Youth League Committee, students from 6 universities in the district gave great performances of jazz, street dance, behavior art, etc. Moreover, 100 university students would be led by park staff and guides to street blocks with 100-year’s history in Taiyanggou on foot and by bike, including Cherry Avenue, botanical garden, Lenin Square, Prince Su Mansion, Wusi Street, Former Site of Technical University of Port Arthur, Baishan Street, Kondratenko Mansion, Bayi Street, etc. They would interview and visit historic buildings so as to know more about the history of Taiyanggou. Meanwhile, the reputation of Taiyanggou would be able to be spread to the whole nation via students’ sharing on their Wechat and Weibo.