“Four Tens” of Zhuanghe tourism showed the charms of landscape.


The tall and straight stones in Ice Valley, the misty wonderland in Tianmen Mountain, the magnificent sea bonsai around Sea King Nine Islands… Through several times of selection and evaluation, the “Four Tens” of Zhuanghe tourism--- ten spots tourists should not miss, ten fruits tourists should taste, ten flowers tourists should enjoy, ten leisure project tourists should experience--- was officially established.


To demonstrate the unique charm of Zhuanghe tourism, enrich and innovative the projects of Zhuanghe tourism, integrate the tourism promotional platform, establish mechanisms of consumer evaluation system, and promote the overall development of Zuanghe tourism, the Zhuanghe Tourism Bureau organized this selection activity. After the selection of netizens and citizens, the Tourism Bureau and experts drew the final conclusion: the ten spots included leaf stone in Ice Valley, gold carved rock in Ice Valley, wonderland in Tianmen Mountain, sea bonsai, the sunrise at Yellow Sea, the Goddess of Mercy on lotus, Xieme peak, Yun Mountain, Chenshan ancient city and Birds Islands; the ten fruits included blueberries, mulberries, Xiema apricot, strawberry, grape, big cherry, nectarine, pear, apple and large-fruited Chinese hawthorn; the ten flowers included Magnolia, lavender flower, blueberry flower, azalea, rose, apricot blossoms, apple blossoms, peach blossoms, pear blossoms and cherry blossoms; the ten projects included rafting, hot springs, fishing, sea bath, sea rushing, zip lining, camping, hiking, riding and cycling.


“Four Tens” was a showcase of Zhuanghe tourism product. Zhuanghe Tourism Bureau noticed that they would focus on “Four Tens” and turned it into the brand of Zhuanghe tourism, so that tourists could enjoy the convenience of visiting, traveling, playing and relishing.