Laotieshan Leisure Resort & Spa

Laotieshan Leisure Resort & Spa is located in the nationally famous tourist area – in front of General Mountain in Laotieshan,Lüshun, which is at the juncture of Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea, with three sides to the sea.

Tested by the Central Research Institute of Hot Springs, Japan and the Test Center of Liaoning Provincial Bureau of Geology and Mineral, Laotieshan hot spring is a rare drinkable one, with no need for  processing. It is known as “hot brandy”, with which you can cook delicious fish and meat , and sweet rice as well.

Laotieshan Leisure Resort & Spa is within a area of 60,000 m², equipped with Japanese-style indoor and outdoor baths, rooms
with Japanese tatami or traditional Chinese kang and luxury spa villas. There are 5 baths in total, 3 of which are open-air – next to the sea with a wide view. Unique farm cuisine and garden barbecue cannot be missed.
Enjoy life, come back to nature; this is the healthy, leisurely Laotieshan Spa.

Ticket:100 yuan


Add: Yinjia Village, Tianshan, Lüshun