Jinshi Discoveryland

Dalian Discoveryland Theme Park, located in Golden Pebble Beach, opened on July 16, 2006, with an area of 470,000 m². It  consists of 7 areas: Discovery Plaza, Legendary Castle, Magic Forest, Metal Factory, Mysterious Desert, Crazy Little Town and Main Street of America. There is a collection of 23 of the world’s top recreation facilities: Condor from Germany, Space Shuttle from Italy, Suspended Roller Coaster from USA, etc. Of these, the catapult-style roller coaster Crazy Cobra is the only one in Asia  (There are only 3 sets in the world now.) and the 57-meter height Space Shuttle is the highest in the nation. From the aspect of show,  Discoveryland invested huge funds to introduce the film “Rat Race” out of Hollywood to bring visitors inside the movie to personally experience the shock of gunshots and escape; the Cuban National Music and Dance Group is the first one to be invited from Cuba, they bring us their hot southern style; a stage on water, parades, fireworks night,… it is really a joyful land! As the only theme park in the Northeast, the most advanced in the whole nation and the one built to international standards, the Discoveryland can be proudly called the “Disney” of China.

Discovery Plaza is either the place to start or end, because it is a circular distribution of entertainment places in
the park. When you return to the plaza a second time, it’s probably time for you to leave! There is a beautiful
street fountain at the plaza  similar in style of Europe, where you can have a picture taken with those lovely
cartoon images; certainly, Kule, protagonist of the park will be among them.

The park is divided into six themes, when you turn right, you’ll find yourself in Crazy Little Town. There is a
Crazy Theater, where you can regularly watch  shows given by artists from abroad for the “Rat Race” and you will be brought into a thrilling cop battle and exciting explosions to personally experience the shock  in
Hollywood action movies. (Please check the schedule for the show and come for this visual feast after other
games.)  Crazy Dance Floats on the waves is absolutely one of the most breathtaking games in the park, you can tell this from the decibels of passengers’ screaming; others are not bad, you may experience each of them if time is enough.

Next theme is the Mysterious Desert, where you can appreciate exotic Islam: beautiful dancers with veils will remind you of the Silk Road during the prosperous Tang Dynasty. Desert Storm is one of the greatest excitements, even standing below it you will tremble with fear, so do only what you can bear.  Crazy Kart is a game for the young, and the old if it’s not too fast, you can experience the same feeling with Michael Schumacher while he Drives F1. Go and line up when you see others in the Kart barrel around with pride.

The Metal Factory is the most thrilling one of all these themes, among which, Crazy Cobra can be said to be the treasure of the park. In all the theme parks, a roller coaster has always been their well-established ride, and in Discoveryland, it is even more unusual. Unlike ordinary roller coasters, it doesn’t use electricity as its driving source, but has a way of shooting-off, so you will soar up with super-acceleration from 0 to 80 km / s in no minutes, which is very crazy indeed. In Asia, you can only have such kind of experience and feeling in Jinshi Discoveryland. Space Shuttle is an experience of overweight and weightlessness. It is 55-meter high, while standing below it, you will hear the screams of tourists high and low, so it is absolutely a challenge to your courage.

The Magic Forest is for the experience of natural adventures: in Amazon Exploring, you will try drifting and experience a sort of soul-stirring in fighting against nature; dancers dressed in animal skins and made up as Natives will invite you to dance; the magnificence of a tropical rain forests can be seen everywhere.

The appearance of a flying broom at Legendary Castle is so beautiful with bright colors; maybe it is because so many people have ridden it. It is very thrilling, too. When you take a sudden look back at it, you will find what it worth seeing most is its architecture.  The desolate nobility of European castles makes you feel respectful and solemn. While looking at it, an artist dressed like Don Quixote will pass before you; his funny appearance on the donkey and with a sword will break the previous atmosphere of respect and solemnity, as you can certainly not help laughing.

Wedding Hall is the most beautiful and quiet place; the interior of the building with the European style of an
arched roof is so elegant. The original white ceiling in picturesque disorder seems spread with a thin
 layer of sands when the sunlight shines through the windows. Standing at one end of the long corridor to
stare at the other end, you will indulge in the perspective of architectural beauty; the exquisite ceiling frescoes
 in the banquet hall will remind you of  Raphael, who kept his boots on for days while he painted the church

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