Dalian Linhai Ski Resort

Dalian Linhai Ski Resort is located in Nangou Village, Yingchengzi Twon, Ganjingzi District with an area of 500,000 m². It is connected to the main part of the city in the east, neighbor to Jinlong Temple National Forest Park to the west, adjacent to Scenic Areas in the middle portion of South Road of Lüshun in thesouth and not far distant from Xiajia River to the north. It is at a prime location and very easy to access; it takes about 30 minutes to get there from Dalian city center. The resort is established as the one you will enjoy skiing during winter, camping in spring, meadow-gliding in summer and outdoor sports in autumn. 

After 3 years of cumulative development and construction, Dalian Linhai Ski Resort has completed 3700 m² for integrated services, of which 1200 m² is for a hall of skis and 2500 m² for an office and service building. There are 8 three-star standard rooms, 2 Japanese-style lounges with an area of 40 m² / each, and 700 m² of restaurant that can hold up to 500 persons eating at the same time. In addition, there is a mini-coffee bar and small meeting rooms with all necessary facilities. All of this provides tourists with good services while they are at the resort.

There are 5 ski runs in total, the 300-meter one is for beginners of the lowest level, the 500 for both the lowest and middle, the 1000 for both middle and high, the 700 is the highest , and there is a 200-meter one, which is a comprehensive ring around the ski runs. There is also a ski run for teaching, which is 8000 meters long with two 200-meter small tow lifts, two 300 and 500-meter large tow lifts and one 800-meter aerial ropeway which is now the longest one in Southern Liaoning. The entire resort can hold 8,000 people skiing at the same time. Besides skiing, there are other related services and facilities, such as: flying disks in the snow, snow sculpting, typical yurts and Roast Whole Lamb, etc.

To ensure a better quality of ski runs, the resort imported some snowmakers and snow-compactors to meet the needs of skiers. They have hired some nationally famous ski instructors and a group of experienced professional managers. The resort has earned a good reputation through its years of operation as a good place for skiers in winter. In 2004, the Dalian Linhai Ski Resort was honored as 3S Sports Base
for Winter Season by Dalian’s municipal government and the Dalian Travel & Tourism Bureau. 2005-2006 “Mass Cup” National Ski Tour was held here.

It is a paradise for Dalian people to play in the snow and ski; all skiers will be warmly welcomed here at the
New  Linhai Ski Resort.

Ticket: 25 yuan


Add:Nangou Village, Yingchengzi Twon, Ganjingzi District, Dalian