“Magic slope” in Binhai Road

Magic Slope is located at the upper part of 18 Windings in Binhai Road.

"18 Windings” is the popular name for an S–shaped winding road in the steep mountain, Binhai Road. Magic Slope is about 60
meters long and 4 meters wide,  high to the east and low in the west. If a car halts here, it will be dragged by a
magic force up the slope with a speed you can obviously feel and it seems a little bit fast. You will feel more real about the speed if you ride a bike here: while up the slope, you will easily reach the top with no need to pedal it at all, on the contrary, while down the slope, you have to pedal hard.  There is no harm in trying it if you ever get the chance to be there. The name of Magic Slope is marked on the hillside of the mountain, not far from it is a lookout platform for the view from Binhai Road. The place is very easy to find.