The opening ceremony of “Civilized Travel in Dalian” was held in Lushunkou District

In recent days, the opening ceremony of the campaign, themed on “Civilized Travel in Dalian” as well as on admiring flowers hand in hand, was held at the square of No. 203 Scenic Spot. Present at the ceremony were leaders of Lushunkou District including Zhou Liangzhong and Wang Chao, leaders of relevant departments at the municipal level and responsible people in Civilization Office at district, county and municipal levels.

Member of Lushunkou District Standing Committee Zhou Liangzhong presided over the opening ceremony. Themed on “Civilized Travel in Dalian”, the campaign aimed at advocating all tourism practitioners and citizens to start from themselves in carrying forward the civilization of Dalian, showing the good image of Dalian and constructing a beautiful Dalian, so as to help Dalian become a national civilized city. The volunteers made a commitment on civilized travel on behalf of citizens.

All the guests present at the opening ceremony signed on the signature board printed with “Civilized Travel in Dalian”.