Brief Introduction of Davos

Based in Geneva, Switzerland, the World Economic Forum (WEF) is an international non-official organization.

The predecessor of WEF is European Management Forum established by Mr.

Klaus Schwab, current president of the Forum and...【more】

Meeting Reports of Davos


Interview with Qin Jun

An old saying goes that "Women hold up half the sky", while in today's era of entrepreneurship and innovation, the gender dist...[more]

Digital technology

Nowadays, the maturity of digital technology gradually carried people into the digital era. Internet is widely used in people...[more]

China's economic

“We don’t need to be shocked by one diving in China’s stock market.”Xie Baiman said, actually China’s economy has remaine...[more]

“stock and economy”

For the past months, such problems as the fluctuation of exchange rate, the trend of stock market and the raised interest rate...[more]

The digital revolution

In the discussion of The Digitization of International Trade on the 2015 Dalian Summer Davos Annual Forum this morning, the ch...[more]

The appearance of intelligent robots came

On September 9th, the first day of 2015 Dalian Summer Davos Annual Forum, a lot of attendees traveled around the spot of the f...[more]

Guests of Summer Davos

Smooth Pictures of Davos