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Interview with Qin Jun
2015-09-10 19:41:48

An old saying goes that "Women hold up half the sky", while in today's era of entrepreneurship and innovation, the gender distribution among entrepreneurs is uneven. What is the reason for this? Qin Jun, president of THTI Shining Holdings Co., Ltd. and young global leader, holds that elements such as their quality, good projects, good partners, adequate funding and so on are important for a mature woman intending to create a good business, but a husband supporting and understanding her is of vital importance to her. 


Reasons for women’s disadvantages in entrepreneurship 

In recent years, the number of Chinese women entrepreneurs is much bigger than that before, but generally women are still underdogs compared with men. Qin Jun believes this is related to China's traditional culture as well as nature of women. In China, women still shoulder heavy burden such as assisting husband, bringing up children and showing filial obedience to the older generation. She said in traditional culture, women are marked as the one taking care of the family while men are working outside, so they are not completedly recognized by the society, especially in innovation in progress of science and technology. “Sometimes I also think that faced with difficulties and setbacks, women are not brave enough andit may be related to weak nature of the woman”, Qin said.

The good husband behind a woman

Qin Jun used to be an executive in an enterprise, and then quit her job. As a chairman now, she has her own experiences in creating a business. “A good husband is inseparable for true growth of a woman, and he should not only understand his wife, but also push the women to go forward. Only in this way, can  harmonious relationship in family be ensured. Such an atmosphere is not only good for women development, but also contributes to the harmony of the whole family” she said.  

“Entrepreneurship is hard, but to be a full-time wife is not easy at all. It relies on how we see hardship. When this hardship generates greater value, brings stability to their family, ensures more healthy growth of their children and has positive influence on others, they will have a sense of great achievement and positive attitude. They will be busy instead of being in chaos“