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Digital technology
2015-09-10 07:29:44

Nowadays, the maturity of digital technology gradually carried people into the digital era. Internet is widely used in people’s daily study, life, and work. By using the mobile phone, people can get the information needed anywhere and anytime. The CEO of the US Axcient Corporation Justin believes that digital technology exerts influence on every industry in varying degrees, even revolutionary.

Axcient has investigated nine industries this year from electric power industry to media industry which all have been influenced by digital technology in varying degrees. Among them, the health care industry has been affected most. According to Justin, the health care industry was not customer-oriented in the past when a patient needed to call for an appointment with the doctor in advance rather than see the doctor immediately. However, some countries in the world have already began to use electronic medical record and 7.5 trillion are spent on the modern health care industry every year worldwide.

Auto industry used to be a huge traditional industry and there can be more revolutions in the next 20 years than the past 100 years. When people get into their cars, it is not only for driving, but also for enjoying and entertaining, even automatic driving. That is why Alibaba and Google enter the auto industry, and Sony is also considering that.

Digital technology will bring enterprises a lot of challenges as well as opportunities. Perhaps employers can finish their work at home rather than in the office now. While employers can be scattered in different areas, enterprises need to adapt to that and meanwhile, more talents can be brought through this way. To conclude, enterprises must prepare themselves for the revolution brought by the digital technology in advance to survive in the new era.