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The appearance of intelligent robots came
2015-09-09 18:48:00

On September 9th, the first day of 2015 Dalian Summer Davos Annual Forum, a lot of attendees traveled around the spot of the forum, aiming at hunting for “distinguished and honorable guests”. However, in the area of robots interaction, highly intelligent robots attracted a number of attendees stopping to know something about them, whose attention was as high as those guests.

This is a sort of application-oriented robot, which is from America, called Baxter, and mainly used in the workshop assembly, and currently it is widely used in the packaging area in particular, including drug packaging. And its main mechanism of work is to simulate the production process which is inputted by human beings, and then realize the process of duplication in order to work.

Snapdragonrover is a robot which is being developed and it possesses the property of classifying concrete objects which can “catch sight of” objects through a depth perception camera. And the images taken by the camera are about to adopt the brain inspiring machine acquisition technology to be processed the images, which is called “deep learning”. Fig. 1 shows a service person who is experiencing this kind of feeling.

Gimball is a type of collision resistant unmanned aerial vehicle, which can help the rescue workers to find survivors quickly. He won the first prize in 2015 “The Public Application Award of United Arab Emirates (UAE) Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)”. The picture shows an operating person who is demonstrating the flight of the unmanned aerial vehicle for the visitors.

Ballbot is a kind of robot which can keep balance on a single ball, and it can move quickly in the room. His flexibility enables him to move freely in a narrow space and crowded environment.