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Group of pictures: Show you around the inside and outside meeting sites of Davos.
2015-09-09 22:15:33

On 9th September, the Annual Meeting of Summer Davos in Dalian comes at the expected time. What will happen inside and outside the meeting site on the first day ? What are the meeting participants busy with now ? Which sub-forums are much more popular and crowded? Here, using cameras, the reporters have recorded every single wonderful moment inside and outside the meeting site, including the earnest expression of more than 1600 guests participating in the meeting, collisions of views of guests of China and foreign countries both inside and outside of the sub-forum meeting sites, smile and passion of volunteers, obstruction and interception of reporters to star guests, and      popularity of science and technology of showing robots, etc., which are quite impressive. This is the Summer Davos, a thought party at the seashore of Eastern Harbor in Dalian.

Every single sub-forum site is packed with people.

The keynote speakers speak freely and frankly.

The  audience are listening and recording carefully on site.

Professor Li Daokui, as a star guest, is surrounded ring upon ring.

The robots are displayed on site.

The spherical observation area has gained much attention