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Wang Jianzhou: It is beyond imagination to create the 4G mobile phone just costing 1000 yuan.
2015-09-09 22:15:54

Wang Jianzhou, an old friend of  Summer Davos and the previous “master” of China Mobile, now is president of the Association of Public Companies. At one of the sub-forum on “Agenda for China’s reform” of the current session of the Annual Meeting of Summer Davos in Dalian, Wang  always focuses on his own line as well as the development of the information industry. Wang thinks that the relation between the telecommunication operators and service providers is not like a zero-sum game. Besides, for the telecommunication operators, the dramatic increase of data service functions as opportunities rather than challenges.

Wang Jianzhou is expressing his viewpoints at the Annual Meeting of Summer Davos in Dalian.

Wang Jianzhou holds that  the development of information technology enjoys strong driving forces and the changes of market demands just provide vast space for entrepreneurship and innovation. Although the development of wireless network makes the service of the traditional telecommunication text message decrease, the data traffic of China’s 200 million users with 700G per capita on average has triggered revolution of information technology and provided unprecedented development opportunities for the telecommunication operators, thus enabling both operators and service providers to cross its own business boundaries and to share a correlation with cooperation, common growth and win-win situation.

The scene of the sub-forum.

When it comes to “Made in China” of mobile phones, Wang Jianzhou reveals that from the initial assemble to the upstream and downstream development and industry chains, and later to “Made in China” of chips, the mobile phone industry has experienced a marvelous industrial rise. Wang says that “Currently, China has hundreds of domestic brands. However, it is beyond our imagination to make 4G mobile phones just costing 1000 yuan ! ”Next, for China’s mobile phone industry, efforts should be made to further develop its own operating system, accumulate the intellectual property rights and avoid product homogenization, thus achieving “Created in China” in mobile phone industry.