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Border protection troops provide maritime safety assurance for the Summer Davos Forum
2015-09-10 07:29:46

The 9th Summer Davos Forum, a grand global meeting combining creation, entrepreneurial spirit, science and technology, took place in the coastal city Dalian on Sept. 9th. In the meantime, Dalian border protection troops as the main force protecting the coastal areas of Dalian, were determined to maintain maritime security and stability for the forum.

New equipment was applied for marine duty for the first time

The coastal guard line of the maritime security task is more than 10 kilometers and covers waters of 500 meters surrounding the guard line of venue. More than 200 policemen, as well as 6 ships on duty, 1 comprehensive command vehicle, 2 communication support vehicles, and 15 4G figure transferred vehicles, were formed into three police forces which were all sent to maintain maritime security including a guard group on land, a police tactical unit named Blue Shark at sea, and a border women patrol team.

During the Davos Forum, border ships kept on duty every day. In fact, there were two new technologies on those common-looking ships, which were also applied to marine duty for the first time.

Since July, two police UAVs were purchased successively to adapt to more complicated border situation and systematical training on related operation had been arranged. In the task, these two UAVs helped to identify different kinds of emergencies, achieving certain functions like offshore remote command and dispatch, aerial reconnaissance, and emergency management.

Policewomen appeared at the Davos Forum

On the central square of the Davos Forum, many guests took photos of a team of policewomen in olive green. In fact, it is the only border women patrol team nationwide that were sent to the central square to better serve all the guests attending the forum.

This patrol team consisted of 12 policewomen with an average height over 175cm and a mastery of three languages, International Etiquette, first aid, and safety rules. According to the team leader Zhao Tingting, they patrolled both on foot and by car on the central square for about 20 kilometers a day and also provided many kinds of support such as guiding, translating, counseling, and inquiring for foreigners and guests.

It is understood that this border women patrol team was interviewed and inspected successively by two ministers of defense General Liang Guanglie and General Chang Wanquan and Meng Jianzhu, member of Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Secretary of the Political and Legal Commission of the CPC Central Committee. It was also entitled as National Border Control and Coastal Defense Advanced Unit by China Border Control and Coastal Defense Committee, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, General Political Department, and General Political Department in 2014.