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Signing ceremony of projects, Annual Meeting of Dalian Summer Davos was held and attended by by Li Xi, Chen Qiufa, Tang Jun, Tan Zuojun and Xiao Sheng
2015-09-09 20:55:06

Dalian, taking advantage of “Summer Davos” attracted investment, expanded cooperation and yielded fruitful results. On 9th, the signing ceremony of projects, Annual Meeting of Summer Davos 2015 held at the Bangchui Island hotel, demonstrated the investment enthusiasm and confidence of Davos member enterprises. Over 20 member enterprises signed cooperation contracts with Dalian, totaling 8.14 billion U.S. dollars, which added impressive momentum to the transformation of our city. Li Xi, secretary of provincial party committee and director of standing committee of provincial people’s congress, Chen Qiufa, governor of Liaoning province, Tang Jun, member of provincial standing committee and secretary of municipal Party committee, Tan Jun, secretary-general and member of provincial standing committee and Xiao Shengfeng, mayor of Dalian attended the signing ceremony.

The signing ceremony was held at the Bangchui Island hotel.

The scene of the signing ceremony of projects, Dalian Summer Davos Annual Meeting

A total of 13 investment cooperation projects, including 11 signed on the 9th afternoon and two signed two days ago, involve many fields, such as finance, advanced manufacturing, e-commerce, service for the aged and industry real estate with the investment totaling 8.14 billion U.S. dollars, among which overseas investment amounts to 3.4 billion U.S. dollars.

Since the first session of Summer Davos Annual Meeting was held in our city, summer Davos has become a vital platform for Dalian to expand international influence and display the city image to the international community as well as a bridge and link for Dalian to further open up and work in close cooperation with the global leading enterprises. In line with the requirements of provincial party committee and provincial government as well as the arrangements of municipal Party committee and municipal government, relevant departments, all districts, counties and leading areas of opening up got prepared in advance with careful organization, carried out extensive communication and in-depth negotiations with member enterprises to take advantage of this meeting and reinforce the work on attracting investment. The signing ceremony was a centralized display of the earlier investment-attracting achievements.

The 13 projects include: the fifth phase expansion project of Goodyear, located in Puwan New Zone, with the newly planned 284 million U.S. dollars from American Goodyear company; China fur exchange project, located in High-tech development zone, by the investment of China supply and marketing group; all-powerful international racing track project, located in Huayuankou economic zone, by the investment of Britain JEC Jaguar Automobile Club planning to invest 450 million U.S. dollars; the capital increase and production expansion project of Maeve automobile parts, located in Dalian bonded area, by the investment of Maeve group of Poland; the all-good oral cavity of Japanese Softbank equity investment, located in Dalian high-tech development zone, by the investment of China capital of Japanese Softbank; the headquarter base project of Dalian cross-border e-commerce, located in Dalian bonded area, by the investment of Italian Villon company; the service project for the aged of Japanese medical institute, located in Zhongshan District, by the investment of Japanese medical institute involved in home-based care for the aged, home-based medical treatment and recovery.

TDK finance-shared center project, located in Dalian high-tech development zone, with the first finance-shared center of TDK to be established in the world; Jiankun international city project, located in Lushunkou district, by the investment of Hong kong Jiankun International planning to invest 1.6 billion U.S. dollars aiming to build up a multi-functional large comprehensive city; the project of Dalian finance industry investment group, located in Shahekou District, with the planning investment totaling 800 million U.S. dollars, jointly built by Japanese ORIX group and Dalian Port Group; the project of Dalian innovation financial trade service center, located in Shahekou District, by the joint investment of seven enterprises like Beijing Zhongtian Intelligence Synergy Investment co., Ltd and Beijing Tianxing Capital co., Ltd, aiming to create an innovative financial trade service platform; the second phase project of Huirui pharmacy, located in Jinpu new zone, by the investment of America Pfizer company planning to invest 90 million U.S. dollars; Fengshu logistics project, by the investment of Singapore Fengshu Group planning to invest 12 million U.S. dollars in the first phase construction and establishing a city distribution center in Ganjingzi District;

The ceremony with Lu Lin, deputy mayor as the host, was attended by municipal leaders Zhang Shikun and Jin Cheng, leaders from relevant districts, counties and advanced opening-up areas as well as representatives of well-known enterprises from countries like America, Britain, Italy, Japan and regions like Hong Kong.