2015-09-16 16:22:21

Based in Geneva, Switzerland, the World Economic Forum (WEF) is an international non-official organization. The predecessor of WEF is European Management Forum established by Mr. Klaus Schwab, current president of the Forum and professor of Geneva Business School (GBS) in 1971. In light of the Forum’s increasing influence on the whole world, it was transformed into membership in 1976. In 1987, the “European Management Forum” was renamed as “World Economic Forum”. The annual meeting usually takes place from the end of January to the early February at a small town of Switzerland called Davos, and that’s why it is called “Davos Forum”. The small town for that reason has enjoyed widespread popularity.

The origin of “the Annual Meeting of the New Champions”

The World Economic Forum is honored as the most senior, non-official and international economic forum and the most leading assembly place for leaders from all over the world to deliberate the global sensitive issues, among which the member enterprises cover the top 1000 enterprises in the world with over US$45,000 billion annual turnover, manipulating over 85% wealth of the globe for the multinational corporations.

According to the orientation of World Economic Forum, the Winter Davos Forum held at Switzerland annually, functions as a significant window to initiate dialogues among the top 1000 enterprises and different countries and regions at the government level, mainly discuss the hot issues and relevant development trends in the globe and observe new achievements, new theories and new directions for developing world economy, which has been playing a significant role on the direction of global economy. Based on this, in 2007, the forum, for the first time out of Switzerland, was held in China called the “Summer Davos Forum”, namely the “Annual Meeting of New Champions”.

Taking a panoramic view of current world, the small and medium- sized innovative enterprises are playing a more and more significant role in the world industry. The “global growth-oriented corporations” belong to a single and key membership group, covering the most leading innovative enterprises in the world and with turnovers between US$ 100 million and US$ 5 billion. The Forum will give assistance to the new emerging multinational corporations to forge them into vanguard ones and become the leading force to promote economic development.

The “Annual Meeting of New Champions “, as the flagship brand of the World Economic Forum, aims at pooling the global growth-oriented corporations to chart the common development prospect for the future industry and commerce. Meanwhile, it carries out dialogues with the world top 1000 enterprises, different countries and regions at the governmental level, thus creating a powerful platform for interaction and cooperation for both Eastern and Western members, old or new. The “Annual Meeting of New Champions” to be held in China demonstrates China’s increasing and improving global leadership and influence and even shows the World Economic Forum’s attention to Asia and the emerging economies. Therefore,the“Annual Meeting of New Champions”is also called China’s Davos Forum.