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Zhang Tao: The key point for traditional industries to go online is to serve better offline
2015-09-09 18:57:09

Nowadays, the “Internet plus” project is spreading all over the nation. The reform of traditional industries through Internet is becoming a new driving force for China’s economy. On the television debate entitled China’s Digital Disruptors of the 2015 Annual Meeting of Summer Davos, Zhang Tao, founder and CEO of dianping.com, believed that as more and more traditional industries went online, many different kinds of business models and commercial practice should be produced.

China’s Internet business startups’ situation is different from American

 “There are many cases combining Internet and consumption in China, which is quite different from that in American.” Said Zhang Tao when concluded the opportunity for creating dianping.com. In China, people, unlike Americans, who dine in the restaurant probably just want to save the trouble of cooking a meal at home, causing that people in China dine out much more often than in America. “It is a habitual and cultural difference. We surveyed some similar companies in America and found that China has more potentiality to develop this industry. Take the reservation function for example. The number of reservation on dianping.com has already overnumbered that on Opentable of America.”

Enlarge enterprise scale in meeting needs

 “It is of great significance that many business starters hope to make a change, and create values to the society.” When it came to business startups, Zhang Tao believed that a good development track for a new enterprise was to constantly meet the needs of clients and fulfill the dream of starting a business in the process, and develop the enterprise into certain scale in this mutual fulfilling process.

Interview with Zhang Tao

 “I’m a gourmet myself. When I saw so many restaurants closing down for poor marketing, I hoped that customers could find the store that suits them and have a good experience there, and restaurants could have a good shift in marketing as well.” When it came to the original intention of dianping.com, Zhang Tao said honestly, “That is the point that keeps us going.”

The key point for traditional industries to go online is to serve better offline

 “There will be more traditional industries connecting with Internet and  less appearance of the concept of Internet company in the future. “Internet plus” may become “plus Internet.” As far as Zhang Tao’s concerned, it is actually a pretty big deal in industry shift when more and more industries combine with Internet. The key point is to serve better offline, especially for those outstanding traditional industries on which Internet can exert huge influence.

In Zhang Tao’s opinion, as Internet companies continue to develop, the potential and market for entity shop plus Internet will go bigger. “We cooperated with backstage of catering enterprises and Wi-Fi and next we are going to cooperate with catering supply chain, as well as shopping centers such as Parkson and Wanda. The offline entity economic cooperation will be the future trend.”