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Xiang Bing: Chinese Entrepreneurs should View the Earth from the Moon
2015-09-10 21:22:55

On September 10 afternoon, “The International rise of Chinese entrepreneurs”,  a TV forum co-held by Phoenix TV and Dalian TV, attracted all kinds of people. Hu Yihu from Phoenix TV and Yu Yang, the host of Dalian TV, ran the show together. They organized honored guests such as Liu Changle, chairman of the board of Phoenix TV, Chen Feng, chairman of the board of Haihang, Liu Jiren, chairman of the board of Dongruan as well as Xiang Bing, director of Cheung Kong GSB to interact with audiences and created a warm atmosphere. During the discussion, Professor Xiang Bing mentioned an innovative idea: Chinese entrepreneurs should view the earth from the moon.

Xiang Bing said, in the past 30 years, Chinese market has been globalized. China has been the second big country attracting foreign investment. America is America-oriented model while China is multii-country-oriented. He believes, China will be a significant innovative force in global economy. However, there still exists gaps in vision that Chinese enterprises need to fill. For China, there are shortages in global values and resources and it needs to learn more about the international responsibility. American entrepreneurs keep talking about global issues while Chinese entrepreneurs are more favored with their own country’s issues. He appealed Chinese entrepreneurs to stand on the moon to view the earth and learn to expand the global vision.

In terms of innovation, Xiang Bing showed that it is aimed at solving global issues rather than making money. Otherwise, the ability of innovation will be discounted. We should try to make differences for the dream, which is integrated with different dreams. As the director of a well-known business college, Xiang Bing emphasized global vision fostering and humanistic care on his students because technology can be copied but humanism can not. Therefore, Chinese entrepreneurs have to learn it.

For Chinese entrepreneurs, they have to think about 3 questions: How to make money? Why making money? What to do after making money? He also appealed them to have confidence and take a leading role in innovation. This is what he said”view the earth from the moon”. Xiang Bing said, China has always been running after others since the modern times. If the situation continues, we will be the second forever. Thus, when viewing the earth from the moon, everything will be new. Only in this way can the intelligence of Chinese people be made full use of, and can Chinese entrepreneurs stand up internationally.