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Xu Jinghong: Four Sentences Tell You What Is Internet
2015-09-10 17:36:12

As the most revolutionary technology of humans, Internet technology has not only produced great difference on the communication of people and information, but also brought great changes in people’s lifestyle as well as enterprises’ production and operation mode. How could the Internet industry keep sustainable development instead of flourishing temporarily? In the Summer Davos 2015, Xu Jinghong, president of Tsinghua Holdings Co., Ltd. said entrepreneurs should be wise and persist in their specialties.

He said “Starting a business is not a gimmick, but to truly create values for the core of it is to create values ”.

Looking forward to this round of sustained entrepreneurship

"China is in a new entrepreneurial upsurge, but actually I don’t like to use this word. I have been thinking about when was Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurial upsurge, but innovation and entrepreneurship have been continuing in Silicon Valley, so I hope this round of venture can become a norm. Xu Jinghong said the state policy offers much more support in this round of innovation and entrepreneurship and the environment of venture is more favorable with an increasing number of new incubators serving these entrepreneurs.

Xu Jinghong holds that entrepreneurship is not a simple act, but a reflection of regional culture and atmosphere. Either state policy or market development will bring vitality to China’s innovation and entrepreneurship. Young entrepreneurs’ broad horizon obtained from watching the global development coupled with favorable environment for enterprises contributes to sustained development of their entrepreneurship. 

Innovating while venturing

Xu Jinghong said three points in the forum. Firstly, entrepreneurs should see the nature of Internet, and know clearly what the Internet actually brings to us. Secondly, no matter how closely traditional industries connect with Internet, the nature of industry, in the final analysis, is invariable.“Products rely on their quality. All that enterprises have to do is to offer products with high efficiency and low cost. Thirdly, wide spread of enterprises or products should be ensured. 

The advantage of Internet is the connection between internet and products, while its limitations lie in the fact that it is just a new way of communication and breaks the barriers of time and space. Nowadays, many technologies are changing the world, and China takes the lead in Internet applications especially in mobile  Internet applications. However, China has a big gap in real technology, especially in basic research, and we will concern it in the next step hoping China can catch up with the world in the future. We should bear in mind that we should innovate while venturing.

How can traditional enterprises be added to internet?

How can traditional areas be added to internet? There are some applications of Internet to traditional industries, but no striking and exciting mode has been presented. In Xu Jinghong’s point of view, it is not a conflict between traditional industries and internet, but rather a matter of time. Taking education as an example, we have been accustomed to the way of education and we fail to adapt to the real changes in education. Online courses platform such as Tsinghua School Online, Xu Jinghong said, launched 2 years ago, have attracted more than 3 million people to learn, with an increase of over 10,000 people per week. In the future, online education must be a revolutionary change in education. This explains why I call it a matter of time. Perhaps some day millions of people will gather in online class to show an outbreak of the education.