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Yao Hong: Ma Yun’s witty remarks left a deep impression on me
2015-09-10 07:22:03

After attending the sub-forum with the attendance of Ma Yun, Yao Hong, an expert on Internet Finance, sharing the same hometown Hanghzou with Mayun walked out of the forum with excitement. He expressed in an interview that coming to Dalian for the Annual Meeting of Summer Davos this time, he was really excited that the meeting was so fruitful even on the very first day and after hearing so many insights from guests both from home and abroad, it should definitely take him a while to digest.

As the CEO of weidai.com, Yao told the journalist that his main purpose was to search for the future road of Internet Finance during the meeting. While massive information and brainstorms on the first day of the meeting made him feel that the tour was more than worthwhile. In addition, Yao greatly praised the organization work of Dalian for the good order inside and outside the forum, as well as meticulous services, and said it wouldn’t be the last time he came to Dalian for the Summer Davos.