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Xu Shaoshi: The international capacity cooperation promotes the recovery of world economy
2015-09-09 19:50:40

The global finance crisis of 2007 has passed several years, but the recovery of economy is still in a slack state. So where does the increase driving of the recovery of global economy rest with? On September 9th, at the 2015 Dalian Summer Davos Annual Forum, Xu Shaoshi, the director of the National Development and Reform Commission, maintained that, the cooperation of international capacity and equipment is conducive to the recovery of global economy. When it comes to how to promote the cooperation of international capacity, Xu Shaoshi stated that, the capital plays a vital role in the cooperation of capacity and equipment and as to how to adopt China’s standard, equipment and technology, China must give certain financing support. 

Xu Shaoshi participated in the discussion of “The new prospect of China’s industry cooperation”

“China, as the world second largest economy entity, the basic economic situation of it is good, and it contributes to nearly 30% of the world economic growth. It has a complete industrial category, and rich capacity. Therefore, it should seize the opportunity to promote the international cooperation of capacity and equipment.” Besides capital raising, Xu Shaoshi said that, the government should establish the cooperation mechanism between government and enterprises, put forward a framework scheme and make a relatively specific list of projects, especially the key projects, and the project lists should be divided into two parts, one is about early harvest projects, and the other is about vision projects.

Xu Shaoshi

“The developed economic entity has the strength of technology, management and economy, but their cost is comparatively high, and the vast members of developing countries are boosting industrialization and urbanization, which means they need a large quantity of infrastructure and perfect industrial system. China together with developed countries all possesses this sort of technology, ability and strength. At the same time, the developing countries have market potential, therefore, the integration of the three factors will promote the cooperation of international capacity and equipment in a large scale and provide new momentum for the recovery of economy.” Xu Shaoshi demonstrated that, China’s cooperation of capacity and equipment is a process of mutual consulting, constructing and sharing, and the China government will take the partner country’s need and major concern into account. As for the implementation of the cooperation of international capacity and equipment, it mainly adopts the ways of setting up factories, establishing production assembly lines, building infrastructure, creating industry chain and industry cluster districts. 

Xu Shaoshi introduced that, as for capacity cooperation, China has begun to carry out the plan in many supporting countries, including Russia. Apart from the cooperation of conventional energy, China and Russia have conducted a lot of cooperation in the area of equipment, concerning aviation and aerospace, nuclear energy and the manufacturing of large aircraft. Recently, China and Russia have signed the agreement of previous exploration on high-speed rail construction from Moscow to Kazan. He showed that, in the area of capacity exporting, the government will treat all kinds of enterprises equally, and the policy which is suitable for central enterprises and state-owned enterprises will also be applied to private enterprises.