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Ma Yun talked about the development and management of the internet.
2015-09-09 20:34:00

“With the development of the times and the progress of technology, many things that I was worried about 20 years ago did not happen but what I was not worried about happened.” On the afternoon of September 9th, at the sub-forum of “Internet economy: development and management”, Annual Meeting of Summer Davos 2015 , the appearance of Ma Yun, a big star of the internet, undoubtedly made this forum the most popular one. As people expected, Ma Yun , speaking fluent English throughout the forum, didn’t disappoint the attendees and triggered bursts of laughter with his quick response and witty remarks.

Ma Yun, a big star of the internet spoke fluent English throughout the forum with quick response and witty remarks. (photograph by Li Yanru)

Other guests present at the forum with Ma Yun were scholars and officials from America and European unions and internet enterprises representatives from Silicon Valley. Without any doubt, the focus was on the internet and its development and management. Ma Yun pointed out in his speech the ways of taking advantage of the internet to create more opportunities for young people and middle and small-sized enterprises. He suggested new trade rules –e-WTO should be set up to facilitate middle and small-sized enterprises and developing countries. Ma Yun said in the past two decade, the negotiations of WTO were mainly conducted by governments but it was hard to reach agreements. The negotiation of Doha Round, for example, has lasted for over ten years with few agreements achieved. Therefore, we should have our own version of WTO, which currently should make the internet help middle and small-sized enterprises as well as developing countries while the WTO , 20 years ago, served large companies.

In the Q&A session, some journalists on the spot claimed Ma Yun’s Alibaba was the champion enterprise of the internet in China, with which, however, Ma Yun disagreed. He said it was rather difficult for any internet company to retain its champion status for five years due to the fierce competition. The good point was the presence of many intelligent people but the bad point was that more intelligent people were competing with us. There was a long way to go for Alibaba, whose current goal was to ensure the internet was a positive power and resource. In spite of the downward world economy, we can never go back and should focus on the future rather than the past.

The sub-forum on the theme of “Internet Economy” enjoyed great popularity.

A young man introduced his idea to Ma Yun on the spot and sought investment from Ma Yun. Ma Yun appreciated his introduction and ideas and encouraged this business-starter was likely to succeed if he could stick to it. Nevertheless, Ma Yun emphasized that 12 years ago, Alibaba was confronted with the similar situation in which if you couldn’t help yourselves, others wouldn’t either. Let your team help your customers realize values and in return they will assist you. Up to now, Alibaba needs help as well and is facing many problems that finally depend on  ourselves.

In the end, Ma Yun said the internet shortened the geographic distance of the world, changed and would continue to change the world. Compared with the future, we knew too little about the internet. It would take much time and effort to establish an interested party with multi benefits. The internet without rules would benefit no one. We still need to consider how to respect, develop and improve the internet, thus making more people trust and use the internet with new methods.