Dalian Bay Cross-sea Traffic And Transportation Project Will Be Started Soon

Dalian Port cross-sea traffic and transportation project, as the largest single infrastructure project since Dalian was founded, will start soon. The first implemented branch project will be launched in this month. After the project is completed, the distance between Dalian Development Zone and the downtown will be shortened by 30 km, with over 30 minutes saved.



The 27-km-long project costs nearly 29.7 billion yuan, adopts the plan of “south tunnel and north bridge”, namely, 5.1 km of tunnel in the sea to the south of No.42 Middle School at Jiefang Road and 9.9 km of bridge in the sea to the north of Xihai Village, Jinpu New District, which will be eventually connected to No.9 Road, Green Town. It’s scheduled that the main body project will be fully launched in the first half year of 2017 and the total construction time will be less than 5 years. It’s expected that the project will be completed by 2020.