Dalian Bay Cross-sea Traffic Project Will Be Started by the End of 2016

Citizens commuting between Dalian downtown and the Development Zone have suffered from great traffic jam for many years. A reporter learned from Jinpu Party-government enlarged meeting that the Dalian Bay cross- sea traffic project will be officially launched in December and the main project construction will be fully started in the first half of next year. After it is open to traffic, the transiting distance from Dalian downtown to the Development Zone will be shortened by 30 km, saving at least 30 minutes.



It is estimated that the 27-km project, the largest single infrastructure project after the construction of Dalian, will cost 29.7 billion yuan. It starts from No. 42 Middle School on Jiefang Road, spreads into the sea in Huangbaizui, Donggang business district, lies on Xihaitun in Jinpu New District and connects with Green Town in Jinpu New District. The project applies the construction plan of “tunnel in the south and bridge in the north”, which includes 5.1-km tunnel, 9.9-km-bridge and 0.5- square-kilometer transiting island. The completion of the project has great significance in improving the rapid urban transport system in Dalian and speeding up the integration of Jinpu New Area and the main urban areas.



Since its establishment, Jinpu New District has been vigorously promoting the project and has now completed the approval of the project proposal, cost verification and geological survey. It is planned that Dalian Bay cross- sea traffic project will be fully started in the first half of 2017 and finished within 5 years.