The Passenger Satisfaction for Bus Service Hit Another Record High in 2016

The survey on the passenger satisfaction for bus service conducted by Dalian Crediting Rating Limited Company came to an end. According to the survey result, the passenger satisfaction for bus service hit another record high in 2016.



To practically integrate the education on Party building study into the construction of public transportation and further improve the bus service, the company conducted the survey in terms of civilized terms, the construction of transportation hardware, software service and the bus hygiene conditions.



The survey also collected some suggestions from the passengers to solve such problems as long time waiting during the rush hour, unreasonable stop arrangements and bus schedules. Superior quality is the eternal theme of bus operation. The survey results were as follows: 20 most satisfying routes, 100 most satisfying bus drivers, 20 most satisfying stewards, 10 most satisfying dispatchers, 5 most satisfying card sales persons and 5 most satisfying operators.