Dalian Port's Monthly Transportation of Commercial Vehicles Exceeded 60,000 Vehicles

In October, the Vehicle Wharf of Dalian Port served 62 ships from home and broad with the number of commercial vehicles loaded and unloaded breaking through 60, 000 for the first time since the wharf was put into use in 2006. The throughput hit another record high in October. Since Dalian Port took relevant measures to explore the supply market, the number of BMW automobiles handled through the wharf increased by 181% year on year. In addition, Dalian Port actively strove for the commercial vehicle supply of such auto brands as GEELY and Kia to bring new business growth for the wharf.



Taking advantage of the information management system, monitoring equipment and security supervision system, the Vehicle Wharf of Dalian Port has further standardized the operation and gradually enhanced the brand effect, thus wining a certain share in the supply market of commercial vehicle transportation.



After the Ministry of Communications issued new regulations on the carrier vehicles, Dalian Port seized the opportunities in preferential policies, explored the market and improved the soft and hard wares as well as the service quality so as to attract some clients that employ traditional transportation model and enlarge the market scope of the roll-roll shipment.