There Is a Slight Recovery of Sales of Commercial Housing in 2015 Spring Exhibitions Will Be in Lushunkou District


The 2015 Lushunkou District spring exhibitions will be held in Skadden Square from May 8th to May 10th. Ten real estate enterprises, such as Dalian Shimao River, Dalian Pioneer, Dalian Peak of Flashy Scene and so on, with ten high quality houses such as Shimao Atlas Haicheng, In the Sea International Heptyl Ointment, Peak Ching (Deer Mountain) and so on, appeared in the exhibitions, which attracted a lot of residents with rigid housing demands to choose houses.


Because housing prices declined as a whole in 2014, many buyers had been waiting to see. As a variety of housing benefit policies were introduced after that year in October, especially this spring, great policies like a tax and interest rate cut on home purchases and relaxing restrictions on the way of accumulation fund loans changed people’s improvement demands into rigid housing demands. So residents no longer continued waiting, on the contrary, they chose to buy real estate according to their own demands and housing benefits.


Faced with spring exhibitions will be under the new normal, Lushunkou District real estate enterprises not only consider brand building and image show, but also eagerly hope to do something on sales. Therefore, Lushunkou District Spring Exhibitions Will Be mainly focuses on sales. Every real estate realtor takes part in the exhibition with part of high quality houses that are carefully selected, and rushes to launch some preferential policies such as converting 10000RMB into 50000RMB, giving parking set as a present when buying a house and so on, with which provide buyers new choices of house-purchase. So there Is a Slight Recovery of Sales of Commercial Housing compared with last year.


It is reported that 2015 Lushunkou District spring exhibitions will be has received counseling from almost tens of thousands buyers and realized the amount of sales up to over 500 sets.