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Lushun Association of Cultural Exchange between China and Russia Held Ceremonious Commemorative Activities


Recently, Dalian Russian Association and Lushun Association of Cultural Exchange between China and Russia jointly organized ceremonious commemorative activities to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Great Patriotic War victory. Over 180 people including Russians living in Dalian, abroad students and the Sino-Russian friendly people took part in this activity.


The dance Peace performed by Russian children opened the prelude of commemoration. The children told people to stay away from wars and cherish peace by their graceful dance. The song If Is the World’s Young People, performed by a friend from Russia and the Russian Song Chorus in Dalian, pushed the entire memorial to the climax.


In the activity, Russian friends presented souvenirs for those Chinese and Russians who had made contributions to Sino-Russia. Besides, Chinese and Russian friends performed songs named The Sacred War and Victory Day, and the Russian guys cheerfully danced with strong Russian style Dance of Sailors on the stage.