The Five Livelihood Projects Have Been Implemented and the Inhabitant Environment Has Been Improved in Lushunkou District

This year, the Lvshunkou District have ensured three projects on shantytown reconstruction, involving 300 households.


At present, it is actively communicating with relevant departments to ensure the financial financing. And the supervision over the reconstruction projects will be further strengthened to ensure that the targets could be completed on schedule. At the same time, the allocation of public rental housing is pushed forward actively and steadily, solving the housing problems of middle and low-income people through multiple channels. The second batch allocation of 557 public rental housing units has now been completed and has been well received by low-income housing families. The next step will be on further expanding the scope of protection. The rental subsidies for public rental housing can help to solve the housing problems of the remaining over 800 low-income households, achieving the goal of ensuring the due protection on housing proposed by the Lvshunkou District government. This year, the Lvshunkou District government plans to invest 1.8 million yuan in 12 buildings, 30 residential buildings, and more than 800 non-residential residential complexes with an area of 15,000 square meters and plans to invest 6.3 million in the implementation of external wall insulation to 16 residential buildings with a total of 43,000 square meters, benefiting 497 households.