Dalian Employment Service Management Center for Disabled People Made a Survey on Employment of Disabled People in Ganjingzi District

On the afternoon of April 12, Xu Yi, director of the Municipal Management Center for Disabled Persons' Employment, led 7 people including the leadership group and department heads to go to Ganjingzi Disabled Persons' Federation. They mainly investigated the employment of disabled people and discussed with all members of the Disabled Persons' Team of Ganjingzi District and the relevant staff of the labor security center. This investigation aimd to further promote disabled persons' employment, change work style, and provide accurate service to the grassroots.

At the symposium, they heard the report on supporting disabled people to start up business, obtain employment, and do blind massage.

Director Xu Yi pointed out that the purpose of this survey was to learn the practical difficulty in the grass-roots so as to adjust the working plan in time and push forward the tasks steadily. He also asked that Disabled Persons' Federation to continue to be a good matchmaker; strengthen its job development; build a platform for the disabled persons' employment; encourage and guide social force to establish employment agency, safeguarding the intellectual, mental and severe employment right of disabled people.