The City's Education and Employment Training for the Disabled Was Held

On the morning of March 21st, Education and Employment Training meeting for Persons with Disabilities was held in Dalian at the Municipal Vocational Skills Training Center. More than 50 participants of all districts, cities and counties, the president of the disabled branch of the enlightening area, and the staff responsible for education and employment training attended this meeting. Jiang Li, the Secretary of the Leading Party Members' Group of the Municipal Disabled Persons' Federation and President, attended this meeting and delivered a speech.

The committee listened to suggestions and opinions of Disabled Persons' Federation at all districts, cities and counties on our city’s education and employment training of the disabled. Heads of the Education and Employment Office, Employment Center and Vocational Training Center of the Municipal Disabled Federation summarized the education and employment training in 2017 respectively, and made arrangements for the tasks in 2018.