The First Meeting of Employment for the Disabled in 2018 Was Held in Dalian

The first meeting for employment of the disabled in 2018 was held in the employment hall on Floor 1 of the Employment Management Center for the Disabled on March 20th. Totally 18 employers including IBM (Dalian) Center, Intel Semiconductor Limited and Volkswagen Transmission Company participated in the meeting, providing 200 posts of 38 post ranks such as office staffs, administrative assistants, IT technicians and operators. Totally more than 300 people participated in the meeting, and the information of 178 of them was registered, and 152 of them achieved primary employment agreement with employers. 

Taking practical works of employment for the disabled in our city, the meeting for employment for the disabled will be changed to the 20th day of each singular month (January is not included) in the future. In addition, employment meetings of varied scales will be held as necessary in months of “Month of Employment Assistance”, “National Day of Assistive”, “Day of Employment Promotion” and “National Day of the Disabled”. The employment information will be published on the official website of “Dalian Disabled Person’s Federation” and the WeChat Official Accounts of “Employment of the Disabled in Dalian”.