Zhuanghe City Helps Farmers Grow Rich and Increase Income by Poverty Alleviation through the E-commerce

“Welcome to taste the strawberries. So many people say our strawberries are good. I think we have achieved our goal,” Wang Dongxue, member of Changling town e-commerce service center said, beaming with smile.

On March 17, taking the opportunity provided by the 2018 Zhuanghe (Dalian) International Strawberry Festival, personnel of Changling e-commerce service center cooperated with the town’s low-income strawberry growers in launching a promotion campaign at Wanda Plaza in the urban center of Zhuanghe.

It was an instant hit.

Since last year, based on the “Internet+” mode, personnel of various governmental departments of the town of Changling are actively exploring for new poverty-relief approaches to help farmers broaden the market and raise their income.

So far, farmers in the town of Changling have marketed millions of kilos of farming products including blueberries, grapes, peaches, black dates, kiwi fruits through Changling e-commerce platform, with the income increasing 70% compared with last year.