Zhuanghe City Has Planned to Achieve 24 Goals of Poverty Alleviation for the Low-income

Poverty alleviation promoting meeting of low income villages was held in Zhuanghe city on March 7.

Su Changzhong , deputy mayor of Zhuanghe city, attended the meeting and made a speech.

Party general branch secretaries from 55 low income villages, secretaries of Party Committees from 12 towns, industry sectors' leaders as well as team leaders stayed in villages were present at the meeting.

The meeting announced the progress of ten poverty alleviation standards in Dalian and assigned the Zhuanghe’s poverty alleviation tasks in 2018. Governor of Zhuanghe and representatives of towns and industry sectors signed the responsibility contract for winning the battle against poverty in low income villages.

The meeting demonstrated that 24 out of 55 low income villages should win the battle against poverty this year.

 The meeting emphasized that we must improve conduct in poverty alleviation in 2018. In order to maintain fine conduct in battle against poverty, we must implement responsibility and measures and increase capital efficiency.