Dalian Federation of the Blind Organized the Volunteer Team of Blind Massagists Entering the Nursing Homes to Provide Voluntary Services

With the approaching of the Lantern Festival, on February 28th, Dalian Blind Association sent a number of excellent blind masseurs and masseuses to the old people’s homes called Huashi Hills located in Lvshun South Road, sending holiday greetings to the old people in the old people’s home and providing voluntary massage services.

There is a service team of bind masseurs and masseuses volunteers in Dalian, consisting of 30 excellent blind masseurs and masseuses. This service team was set up in 2012. These blind masseurs and masseuses volunteers go into the communities every year to contribute to society and devote love to enterprises and institutions. They delivered voluntary services to many units, including Dalian Female Ranger Base, Underground Corporation, Bus Company and Firefighting Training Base. Their services reach nearly 100 people every year. Dalian Zhongliang Commercial and Trading Company Limited is a caring company which is willing to give charitable donations, and it is also a cooperative partner of Dalian Blind Association. The company donate money or consolation articles to families in difficulty and the disabled every year. This time, they once again worked together to make Huashi Hills Old People’s Home a fixed unit with long-term financial aid.

Through this activity, people expressed their wishes of participating this kind of activity more often to repay the society, devote love and help more people with both hands.