The Leaders of the Statistics Bureau Paid a Visit and Extended Their Regards to the Retired Cadres on the Eve of the Spring Festival

With the Spring Festival approaching, five groups leaded by the Party Group leadership of the Municipal Bureau of Statistics visited and helped more than 46 retired cadres who left office, are former bureau leaders, are incapable of looking after themselves or lead hard lives, extending their concerns, regards as well as blessings to the bottom of their heart and wishing them a happy Spring Festival.

During the visit, bureau leaders showed their concern over health status and living conditions of the old comrades, and said that retired cadres were welcomed to care and support the Municipal Bureau of Statistics and statistical work as ever, give full play to their superiority pensioner in experience and intelligence, feel free to make comments and suggestions, offer sound strategies and advice, to promote rapid development of Dalian’s economy.

The old comrades were very grateful to the care and concern from the Bureau’s Party Group, and they sincerely rejoiced over the developmental achievements for the past year.