Dalian Women's Federation Showed the Warm Caring in the Cold Weather

On February 1, Hu Guihua, deputy chairman of Dalian Women's Federation, visited and comforted needy women who are suffering from "two cancers" in Lushunkou District and offered them condolence money. Sun Jiaping (deputy secretary of CPC committee of Lushunkou District) and Cheng Shuangfeng(deputy chairman of Lushunkou Women's Federation) also went to investigate.

As the Spring Festival is approaching, the provincial, municipal and district women's federations organized the activity to help, support and warm the poor. 9 rural women with "two cancers" in Lushunkou District have received a one-time relief payment of 10,000 yuan from the Liaoning Women's Federation. Five needy mothers from urban have received 800 yuan each from Dalian Women's Federation. The Lushunkou Women's Federation and the cadres of grassroots Women's Federation visited 90 needy retired cadres of Women's Federation, offered condolence money of 36,000 yuan. Dalian Women's Federation also donated more than 1,000 couplets and Fu character to the needy women in Lushunkou District.