Lushun Development Zone Persists in Innovation to Pursue Development and Benefit People

In 2017, Lushun Development Zone took innovation as its guideline. While it accelerated the conversion of kinetic energy and promoted economic restructuring and upgrading, it brought more benefits to the masses from development.

The annual fiscal revenue was RMB 1.21 billion, up 16.6%. More than 40 industrial enterprises achieved RMB10.55 billion of total industrial output value, up 5.6%.

The industrial output value of 19 enterprises such as NACKS and CRRC Dalian R&D exceeded RMB100 million. 12 projects such as the  Big Locomotive Research Institute in Lushun Industrial Base have been completed and put into use. The accelerated agglomeration of four leading industries such as rail transport and shipbuilding industry provided a strong impetus to the high quality and efficient development of economy.

The scientific and technological innovations have come out one after another. The rail transportation equipment laboratory of CRRC Dalian R&D and the special spare parts key laboratory of Huarui Heavy Industry were approved as the municipal engineering laboratory and municipal key laboratory. The research institutions in the Development Zone have reached 18.

While it accelerated the development, the Development Zone always adheres to the development concept of people-oriented, accelerating the construction of infrastructure projects such as living, education, medical care, transportation and transformation of old urban areas. Boyang Primary School upgrading project with a total investment of RMB 88 million has been fully completed. The school will be put into use in March, 2018, which means that the educational resources of Development Zone will be covered in the southern, central and northern region. On the basis of an increasingly perfect education infrastructure, Lushun Chinese Medicine Hospital project with a total investment of RMB 200 million will be completed and put into use. The medical conditions and technical indicators of the hospital can reach tertiary hospital standards, providing a better and a more advanced medical service for local people. It fully implemented the livelihood security of elders and the second reimbursement for peasants' hospitalization fees. In 2017, the Development Zone have distributed funds with a total of about RMB 42 million for polices. The masses truly enjoyed the benefits brought by development with a sense of fulfillment.