Lushun Motor Stations Organized the Fire Drill Before the Spring Festival Travel Rush


On January 22nd, Lushun Motor Station organized a fire-fighting safety exercise involving all the staff, various residential departments, various passenger transport companies and tenants of the motor station.


The exercise included two parts: the first part was safety knowledge training and the second one was on-site fire-fighting drill. The emergency simulation drill started at 15:20 and took 30min: the instructor Xu Ming explained how to use the fire extinguishers and the fire hydrant; then they simulated a fire scene in the parking lot and taught the participants how to use fire hydrant and extinguishers during the fire; after that, the people in the waiting hall were evacuated; and finally, the police officer Li Jie from the residential transport and public security police station lectured the anti-terrorism knowledge and explained the proper uses of the anti-riot devices; he also simulated a mob attack and the station's anti-terrorism team completed this anti-terrorism exercise.