Dalian Wafangdian Guanhai Temple Act and Wish Charity Promotion Association Carried Out the Charity Activity on the Winter Solstice to Send Quilts

On December 22, Guanhai Temple Charity Association organized an annual activity to help the impoverished families in Wafangdian in Dalian.

The volunteers were divided in 2 groups. Led by Yihui, the abbot of Guanhai Temple, the volunteers toured more than 30 natural villages which are scattered in 4 towns including Yang’s Manchurian Town, Xianyuwan Town, Hongyanhe Town and Xiyang Town in Wafangdian in 2 days, delivering rice, flour, edible oil, quilts, daily necessities worth of RMB 69000 to 108 families which live below the subsistence level or are impoverished because of disease.

Guanhai Temple Charity Association is the 1st religious charity organization in Dalian registered at the Ministry of Civil Affairs. It was originally launched by abbot Yihui in 2005. In 12 years since establishment, the charity has accumulatively donated millions of Yuan to the needy families, and members of the charity have accumulatively visited about 1200 impoverished families. 

The organization organizes a charity activity at the winter solstice every year, winning applause from all walks of life.