Dalian Employment Center of the Disabled People Held the 2017 Training Meeting for the Employers

The representatives of about 40 state-owned enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises and private enterprises and the directors or vice directors of handicapped persons’ employment agencies of the subordinate cities, counties and districts of Dalian attended a training session between October 14 - 15 in the National Prosecutors College, Dalian branch. The training session was presided over by Zhang Jun, the vice director of Dalian handicapped persons’ employment service and management center.

The attendees firstly watched the video on the 3rd Sunny Stars contest introducing the enterprises which provide many of the working posts to the handicapped persons. And the video later introduced the current employment situation of the handicapped persons. After watching the video, the attendees had the first-hand knowledge about Sunny Home which hires many handicapped persons. They also learned about the deeds of many enterprising handicapped persons from the video.

The attendees were briefed by the executives of the handicapped persons’ employment center on the preferential policy offered by the government to enterprises which hire handicapped persons pro rata, or enterprises which hire handicapped persons beyond the stipulated proportion, or enterprises which provide concentrated employment opportunities for the handicapped persons, or enterprises which provide aiding or supportive employment opportunities for the handicapped persons. After the training session, the attendees came to fully understand the preferential policy of the government for enterprises providing employment opportunities for the handicapped persons so that they may choose the appropriate way for hiring the handicapped persons according to the actual circumstances of the enterprises.

The executives also answered questions put forward by the attendees involving the employment of handicapped persons.