Jinpu New Area Determines the 13 “People-benefiting Practical Works” of 2018

Construction of the “Happy and Humanistic City”

According to the information acquired from the Economic Development Board of Jinpu New Area yesterday, Jinpu New Area aims to further improve welfares in people’s livelihood by contributing to “people-benefitting practical works” around the construction of the “happy and humanistic city”. At present, the 13 “people-benefitting practical works” of 2018 have been established, covering fields of transportation, medical services, elderly services, education and residence, so as to promote the equalization and general inclusion of basic public services as well as increase the happiness index of residents in the Jinpu New Area.

The 13 “people-benefitting practical works” are listed as follows:

1. The entire repair engineering of Zhenxing Road. It is planned to conduct local repairs and overall pavement renewing to Zhenxing Road.

2. The free physical examination project for senior citizens. It is planned to provide free physical examinations for senior citizens above 60 years old within related jurisdiction.

3. The mental health project. The total hospitalized expenses of severe mental patients with local census register hospitalized in Jinzhou 4th People’s Hospital will be subsidized for full-amount in addition to the medical insurance reimbursement, farmer insurance and civil administrative subsidiary policies.

4. The sight rehabilitating project for cataract patients. Free screening and vision recover operations are provided to cataract patients of corresponding ages (above 55 years old for males and above 50 years old for females).

5. The vocational training project. It is planned to develop vocational training to unemployed people and those losing lands and sea areas and staffs in some enterprises, to provide 2600 people with corresponding training.

6. Standardization construction of community service centers for home care of elderly. It is planned to select 10 communities in urban areas to promote the standardization construction of community service centers for home care of elderly, in order to perfect their functions and improve service levels.

7. Enhancement and releasing project. It is planned to release various types of seeds of 639.7 million.

8. Mediation platforms for hostility between capitals and labor force. Finish information input and dynamic management to labor relations of enterprises and integrity of staffs, to realize visible and three-dimensional mastering to labor relations of the whole area, in order to solve emergencies accurately.

9. The transparent price project. It is planned to establish a real-time commodity price collecting and price information exhibiting platform, to provide the public with timely and practical commodity price information, so as to realize online ordering and offline distribution.

10. The state-owned dangerous building repair project in Dengshahe Street. It is planned to renovate and repair 293 tile-roofed houses.

11. The early education center project. It is planned to construct a state-run early education guidance and service center.

12. The village-based bituminous road project. It is planned to construct the village-based bituminous roads with a total length of 50 km.

13. The warm-up project. It is planned to conduct energy conservation transformation and decoration, waterproof transformation, heat preservation on roofs and guard bar painting to buildings with no management units.