The Warm Housing Project of Jinpu New Area Provides Warm Family Environment for the People

According to the plan, an energy-saving project or the warm housing project which involves renovation of a total floor space of 447000 m2 of buildings within the jurisdiction of 9 sub-district governments in Jinpu New District should be finished in 2017. It was formerly expected to require an investment of about Yuan 100 million. So far, workers have renovated a total floor space of about 446800 m2 in the jurisdiction of Maqiaozi, Guangming, Zhanqian, Wanli, Yongzheng and other sub-district governments, costing Yuan 74.23 million.

According to statistic data collected in 2012, there were 699 buildings which were built before 2000 in the jurisdiction of 11 sub-district governments including Maqiaozi, Youyi, Haiqingdao, Guangming. The buildings have a total floor space of 2.76 million m2. The renovation project was approved in 2013. Since 2014, workers have renovated a total space of 1.12 million m2 in Jinpu New District.