Dalian General Livestock Station Launches Supervision and Guidance on Disease Prevention and Control of Major Animals

Dalian Livestock Station, innovating the work style, has assigned 3 teams to investigate disease prevention and control of major animals in 11 agricultural counties, aiming to effectively prevent highly pathogenic bird flu and foot-and-mouth disease.

The station has provided on-spot technical guidance and has examined the performance of counties, including the construction of the working style of the disease control system, the implementation of regulations, the working safety and daily operation, according to the Implementation Plan of Extend Performance Management. The station has focused on counties’ understanding and practical actions of superior policies and has evaluated the performance based on the effectiveness of execution.

Different problems existing in counties have been found and specific measures have been taken to targeted areas. The experts of the station have set up prestige and have also promoted counties’ ability on disease prevention and control. The station will move on to embrace a higher level and stride to a new stage upward.