Jinpu New Area Creates the "Seascape Pattern"

The happiest life for the elder is the life that with safe and delicious food, convenient family doctors. They can draw and paint and sing and dance leisurely to enjoy themselves in the community. Now the beautiful dream has come true in Haijing community, Dagushan Street, Jinpu New Area. Jinpu New Area will start the new pattern of provision for the aged --"Haijing Pattern" from next year to live out their happy life in retirement.

Liu Zongsheng, who's in his 80s, arrives at the community canteen around 11a.m. every day to buy lunch and take out to share with his wife. The lunch usually costs 6 yuan, including two meat dishes and one vegetable dish, cheap and nutritious.

Except for the cafeteria, the pension services center in Haijing community also improved the information of the elderly based on Zhongchuang base information service platform, installed PTT  equipment, and established hotline and mobile phone APP client information service platform for free to make the elder over 60 years old enjoy the corresponding services provided by social organizations. For example, Pan Shijie, an old man living in Haijing community, enjoys the service 10 minutes later after a call.

PTT equipment is also useful in unexpected circumstances for its timely and effective help provided by the emergency rescue function. At present, the community service includes maintenance, cleaning, legal rights protection, cultural propaganda, psychological comfort and so on to meet the needs of residents in Jinpu New Area.