Jinpu New Area Provides a 770-yuan Subsidy for Centenarians Monthly

Tomorrow is the festivals for the elderly, Chung Yeung Festival. Yesterday, reporter learned from the Civil Affairs Bureau of Jinpu New Area that 43 centenarians in the New Area will enjoy a "centenarian subsidy” of 770 yuan per month.

According to statistics, there are about 184,000 people over 60 in the New Area, accounting for 19.4% of the total population. The situation of aging population is grim and there is a large population of the elderly. There are 43 centenarians and 3325 people over 90 years old. 2076 people are enjoying the home care services bought by the government. At present, the highest age is 104 years old, with a total of five people. Centenarians enjoy a 770-yuan subsidy per person per month and the elderly ageing from 90 to 99 years enjoy a 200-yuan subsidy per person per month. The subsidy of centenarians and the minimum living security standard of new area residents increase simultaneously.

According to the international standard that when people over 60 years old reach 10% and people over 65 reach 7% means the aging society, the New Area has already entered the aging society. Service for the aged covers all the elderly. At the same time, for the different needs of the elderly, the government integrated existing fragmented services and content together to build a comprehensive pension service system and constantly enrich the system content, so that all the elderly can feel at ease, happy, healthy, and enriched.

In accordance with the principle of providing convenience for the elderly, from October 1st, long-term resident in the city over 60 years old can enjoy get the elderly card (preferential card) across Dalian. In addition, the privilege policies for the elderly also include half-price access to part of the public places and city traffic for the elderly under 70, free access for people over 70, and age subsidies for people over 90 years old.