The Market Supervision Bureau of Lushunkou District Carries Out Food Safety Supervision and Inspection on the School Canteens

Recently, the Market Supervision Bureau of Lushunkou District has conducted a food safety supervision and inspection on the canteens of two universities within its jurisdiction.

The inspection focused on the food safety responsibility system and management mechanism of the college canteens and large feeding units. The Bureau inspected their catering service licenses, food business licenses and the conditions of training and health management of the staff. In addition, internal and external environment, facilities, food samples, raw materials, tableware cleaning and sanitation, food purchasing, storage, processing and other related items are on the inspection lists. Meanwhile, the law enforcement personnel also gave supervision suggestions and signed commitment letters for food safety with the inspected catering entities. In view of the problems found in the inspection, law enforcement officers have given rectification suggestions and required the entities to rectify within the time limit.

The market supervision department of Lushunkou District will continue to strengthen daily supervision, increase inspection frequency and fully implement the food safety responsibility to eliminate food safety hazards.