Zhuanghe: Pushing Forward the Construction of the Civilized City with Higher Standards

On the morning of September 18, Zhao Yongbo, head of Zhuanghe City, investigated the construction of civilized city. Leaders of such departments as government office, civilization office, planning and construction bureau, administrative law enforcement bureau and public security bureau accompanied the investigation.

Zhao Yongbo and his party came to Zhuanghe Central Hospital for investigation. After investigating the public hygiene, obstacle-free facilities, parking lots and the surroundings, Zhao pointed out that hospitals should strengthen medical service and enhance spiritual civilization, set up a long-term mechanism and improve service quality with focus on details. He also investigated such places as Wuyi Square, Qiansheng Transportation Post, Commerce and Trade Plaza and Zhuanghe Fruits and Vegetables Wholesale Market. 

After listening to work reports on environmental hygiene, advertisement publicity, city appearance, transportation order, infrastructure, civilized behavior of citizens, Zhao Yongbo found problems on site and put forward rectification requirements.

During the investigation, Zhao required each department to attach importance to civilized city building, enhance management with higher standards, ensure a clean and orderly environment in commercial districts and wholesale markets and rectify roadside business so as to improve the city environment, management level and city image.