Zhuanghe Central Hospital Takes Measures to Improve the Service Level

Stepping into Zhuanghe Central Hosptial, people are surrounded by the civilized atmosphere everywhere-the orderly parked vehicles, the socialist core values displayed  on the rolling screens, the billboards with “no smoking” and knowledge of public health, and facilities in the waiting lobby for the convenience of people, such as water dispensers, sewing kits, wheelchairs and so on.

Relevant people in charge of Zhuanghe Central Hospital said hospitals as the window units should set good examples in the city building with high-quality service to benefit and satisfy citizens.

The central hospital set up a volunteer service post in the lobby to provide consultation and guidance for patients, which effectively solved such problems as the complicated procedures and difficulties in finding different medical departments and saved much time in registration, fee paying, diagnosis and medicine fetching. Speaking of the service in the hospital, Miss Sun, who accompanied her mother to see the doctor, couldn’t help giving the thumbs-up. In addition to the daily medical service, the central hospital also actively conducted free clinic activities and organized staff from different medical departments to offer consultation, screening and diagnosis on common and chronic diseases in communities and villages.

“The building of a civilized city means the building of a civilized hospital. Zhuanghe Central Hospital should constantly improve medical service, optimize service procedures and create an orderly and satisfactory medical environment so as to push forward the healthy development of the whole city”, said a relevant person in charge.